PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy

Interested in a naturally brighter and more youthful complexion? PRP injections are a minimally invasive solution to boost your skin’s health and collagen production without surgery or downtime.

What Is PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

PRP facial rejuvenation, which refers to the platelet rich plasma (PRP) found as one of the three main components of our blood, is a non-invasive procedure in which PRP is drawn and injected back into certain points of your face with the goal to treating signs of aging such as wrinkles, lack of tone, or volume loss, as well as treating skin conditions such as acne scarring or rosacea.

The injection of PRP back into the body at these specific points helps kickstart the body by concentrating its natural healing abilities and promoting collagen growth. The end result? More youthful, tighter, and smoother skin with a completely natural treatment.

What Are the Advantages of PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

There are many great benefits of PRP treatment that have led to it being widely used for regenerative and anti aging purposes. Thanks in part to the blood’s healing properties, PRP therapy can achieve and treat the following:

  • Skin can be toned and tightened
  • Wrinkles and other fine lines can be reduced
  • Rosacea (a skin condition affecting the face) can be treated
  • Dark circles found under the eyes can be minimized
  • Crows feet can be smoothed out
  • Addresses minor volume loss
  • Acne scarring can be treated

The most commonly treated area for PRP therapy is the face, and in particular areas around the nose, mouth, and eyes. It can also be used to treat other areas of the body such as the backs of the hands or décolletage to help achieve a more radiant, youthful appearance.

How Are PRP Injections Performed?

Before the PRP facial rejuvenation treatment is actually performed, platelets need to be extracted from the patient’s own blood. To achieve this, about 10 mLs of blood is first drawn from your arm before it’s placed in a specially designed centrifuge for a few minutes. When spun at high speeds, the blood separates into its three main components: red blood cells, platelet poor plasma, and most integral to this procedure, the platelet rich plasma (PRP). These platelets contain a high percentage of growth factor proteins that help heal damaged skin or injured tissue.

Once the platelet rich plasma has been collected and separated from the red blood cells and the platelet poor plasma, it is then injected back into the problem areas of the skin that require the treatment. The PRP then releases the growth factors and triggers healing in the area’s surrounding cells. This causes the cells to stimulate repair, leading to the skin becoming rejuvenated and more voluminous.

The entire PRP facial rejuvenation procedure is performed in the doctor or healthcare professional’s office and it involves only the needle injections into the necessary areas. It should take no longer than about an hour to complete. You will be free to leave and return to your day to day routine immediately following treatment.

Are There any Side Effects of PRP Rejuvenation?

PRP treatment is completely natural and uses your own blood. There are few side effects to worry about. Some bruising can be expected immediately following the procedure, along with some redness and swelling around the areas of the injections. Some tenderness can also be experienced, however all of these side effects should subside after only a few days.

How Long Will it Take to See the Results of PRP Rejuvenation?

The majority of patients usually begin to see some effects of the PRP treatment immediately following their procedure. Over the coming weeks, collagen will start to grow and increasingly more and more healthy cells should begin to generate beneath the skin.

It’s usually recommended that at least three courses of PRP treatment should be completed in order to fully realize the best possible results for the procedure.

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