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A healthy beauty and body truly come from the inside out, and intravenous vitamin therapy (IV therapy) is the modern way to achieve the perfect balance of nutrients.

Myers IV

It’s called the “Myers cocktail” and was developed by a Baltimore, Maryland physician named John Myers. The nutrient treatment centers around an IV drip that replenishes the body with multiple B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. The benefits are promoted as an alternative treatment for overall well-being. The nutrient IV therapy is excellent at treating conditions from asthma to fibromyalgia to migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Myers cocktail works fast to deliver essential nutrients and hydration into the body via the vitamin IV drip. Most people are too busy 24/7 to always choose the proper healthy diet. The intravenous route is the most efficient and effective method of correcting nutrient deficits inside the body’s cells, where they are often needed.

Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is key to a beautiful, clear and youthful complexion, but it’s also celebrated for its incredible anti-cancer role in the body, and all the studies prove its remarkable natural elements. Once Vitamin C is introduced in high doses by a nutrient IV drip, it acts as a protector against wrinkling, eye disease, heart disease and immune system deficiencies. A Vitamin C IV also helps boost collagen production to maintain firm and resilient skin.

Athletic Performance IV

An active lifestyle offers the participant numerous benefits, but it can also be taxing to the body and create heavy fatigue. The Athletic Performance IV offers the perfect “come back kid” in terms of renewed energy and muscle recovery in a drip cocktail infused with a load of B vitamins, magnesium and a variety of key antioxidants. Whether one is a serious runner, cyclist, triathlete, into extreme sports or just looking for that nutritious vitamin boost after a good workout, the Athletic Performance IV is miles ahead of the competition.

Hangover/Hydration IV

The hangover can happen, and when it does, very few remedies exist that really provide relief, strength and a sense of wellness. The hangover makes one feel weak with body aches and nausea and a pounding headache because of mainly dehydration and the loss of electrolytes and essential vitamins. The Hangover/Hydration IV delivers instant nourishment to the body, re-alkalizes the bloodstream and hastens the processing of the toxins by the kidneys. Forget the coffee, high-sugar sports drinks remedies. A nutritious IV cocktail results in an “up and at ’em” head to toe recovery.

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