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Redefine your Brows with Microblading at SKIN101 Houston

If you are finding your eyebrows thinning or becoming uneven, you should look into microblading at SKIN 101 Houston. Unlike permanent tattoo, microblading is a semi-permanent technique that accentuates the beauty of your natural brows. During the microblading session, the artist creates 3D hair like strokes using a semi permanent tattooing technique.

The 3D hair like strokes provide the utmost natural look with the shape and thickness that you desire.  A professional microblading touch-up is included at no extra charge with your initial service.

Prices for microblading are $525 for the initial visit which includes the first touch-up at 8 weeks.  A six month touch-up is only $249.

Regardless of the how little hair you currently have, the results will be natural looking hair-like strokes*.

*Individual Results May Vary