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Angiomas/Hemangioma Removal

What are Angiomas/Hemangiomas?

An Angioma is a growth on the skin made up of blood vessels. It is a benign (non-cancerous) mass, but sometimes unsightly. Treatment is not required unless you find its appearance unattractive, or if the area is bleeding. There are several types of angiomas, including Spider Angiomas and Cherry Angiomas. They can occur anywhere on the body. Certain types come with aging or pregnancy, while others occur in children. Laser therapy can be used for treatment. *

*Individual Results May Vary

Hemangiomas, which usually appear at birth or within a few months after, are tumors or lesions consisting of blood or lymph vessels. Hemangiomas can grow rapidly, then revert back and even disappear. Hemangiomas usually appear on the face and neck. They too can be treated with laser therapy. *

*Individual Results May Vary

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